aquaform is a company specializing in planning and implementation of shower systems for professional and private use.”


Production of Shower systems for private SPAs and professional SPAs

production of shower systems for private SPAs

Our product range includes emotional showerheads, horizontal showers, customized solutions and advanced electronic water management systems . We pride ourselves in offering products that meet clients' needs, ensuring a unique and personalized wellness experience.


With over thirty years of experience, aquaform has consistently developed high-end products for renowned international bathroom brands. Our products, created from a combination of tradition and innovation, are still in production and distributed worldwide. Our dedication to excellence has allowed us to evolve and specialize in the wellness industry, becoming a benchmark in the spa and wellness sector in general

showerhead for emotional showers
showerhead for emotional showers

hroughout the years, we have established meaningful partnerships with SPA consultants and wellness professionals, working together on the development of innovative programs and water-based treatments.
These collaborations have enriched our expertise, allowing us to design and deliver cutting-edge shower systems for both public and private SPAs. Our team is widely recognized as leaders and experts in the management and advancement of wet area products within the SPA industry.


At aquaform, we firmly believe that well-being lies at the heart of every experience, and water, as a fundamental element, can be harnessed to enhance comfort and relaxation. Each of our products is crafted with a clear philosophy: to prioritize the individual and their well-being.
Every concept that evolves into an aquaform product stems from a profound comprehension of human needs. We observe and listen , drawing inspiration from people's desires and requirements. Every component of our products is meticulously designed to address a particular need, ultimately enhancing personal well-being.

showerhead for emotional showers