waterfall inspiration for jets of aquaform shower systems
“Man is shaped by his relation with water, which produce s unexpected suggestions and sensations.”


Water, chromotherapy, sound and aromas. These elements combine harmoniously to offer comprehensive multisensory experiences that stimulate the senses and promote total well-being of body and mind.

emotional showers with aquatherapy


For each tactile sensation offered by contact with water, aquaform offers emotional showers with different jets that recreate the original sensations and recall the gentle and powerful emotion. Each of these jets has its own soul and offers not just one sensation, but recreates a world of different atmospheres, sounds and emotions to be explored and rediscovered.

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Rain jet Nebulized jet Tropical jet Waterfall jet Aerated jet Atomized jet Tropical Aerated jet LED + Nebulized jet LED + Atomized jet Lama jet Turbine jet

Gentle on the skin, the rain water jet tickles it causing a pleasant, tantalizing and relaxing sensation.


The misting jet makes its way into the environment, enveloping the body in a welcoming and rejuvenating cloud of water.


Continuous, powerful jet with an enveloping and invigorating effect that massages the body and recharges energy.


The powerful gesture of the waterfall embraces us and, through skin contact, communicates its energizing power to the entire body.


Water and air mix and enrich each other, massaging the body and inducing creativity and dynamism.


By reducing water into tiny particles, the atomized spray gives a refreshing and relaxing feeling of well-being.

Tropical Aerated

The mixture of tropical and aerated creates the effect of a thick rain shower that, as it falls, relieves and reduces muscle tension.

LED + Nebulized

A mix of different therapies and effects, LED light optimizes and enhances the regenerative effects of nebulization.

LED + Atomized

The merging of water particles and LED warmth enhances and enriches the delicate touch of the atomized jet.


180-degree axial misting jet to have a targeted effect on specific body parts.


Energizing jet enhanced by a turbine to have a powerful and intense jet.

experience showers with chromotherapy


When sunlight refracts in water, it creates a rainbow: each color in the spectrum symbolizes a state of mind, possessing powerful energetic and emotional significance. The body responds differently to each visual stimulus: lights and colors transmit electromagnetic waves that can enhance our overall well-being. This is why they serve as a potent complement to our experience showers and associated treatments, optimizing outcomes and ensuring a more holistic spiritual renewal.



With our eyes closed, each scent unveils a world of sensations to our senses. During an emotional shower, each fragrance evokes a distinct scenario, influencing our nervous system and physical and energetic equilibrium. Scents possess the ability to evoke memories, emotions, and sensations. In the shower, Aromatherapy adds a sensory dimension, elevating a simple daily ritual into a deeper and more enriching experience. Each fragrance carries specific therapeutic properties. For instance, some scents can be invigorating, while others can be calming. Aromatherapy in the shower can uplift the spirit and enhance mood through the action of essential oils.

emotional showers with aromatherapy
sounds of water jets of aquaform showerheads


Each jet of water during a shower becomes a symphony of unique sounds, each associated with distinct emotions. This sensory symphony envelops the body in a sonic embrace, offering a refuge from daily stresses. The sound of water, with its various tones, becomes crucial in distancing the mind and body from the daily hustle and bustle.
The gentle ticking generates tranquillity, while the powerful roar transports one to a rejuvenating environment. The gentle whisper of a cloud of steam induces lightness and relaxation. Our innovative sound system amplifies this experience, allowing for personalization of the atmosphere with natural sounds and soothing melodies. Thus, the shower becomes a multi-sensory journey engaging not only the touch with water, but also the hearing with a customized soundtrack, creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation to embrace total well-being.