waterfall inspiration for jets of aquaform shower systems
“Man is shaped by his relation with water, which produce s unexpected suggestions and sensations.”


Emotional showers: aquatherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy

emotional showers with aquatherapy

For every tactile sensation offered by the contact with water, aquaform proposes emotional showers with different jets, recreating the original sensation and recalling its sweet and powerful emotion. Each of these jets has its own soul and does not offer just a sensation, but recreates a world of atmospheres, sounds and emotions to explore and rediscover.

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Rain jet Nebulized jet Tropical jet Waterfall jet Aerated jet Atomized jet Tropical Aerated jet LED + Nebulized jet LED + Atomized jet Lama jet Turbine jet

Gentle on the skin, the rain water jet tickles it causing a pleasant, tantalizing and relaxing sensation.


The misting jet makes its way into the environment, enveloping the body in a welcoming and rejuvenating cloud of water.


Continuous, powerful jet with an enveloping and invigorating effect that massages the body and recharges energy.


The powerful gesture of the waterfall embraces us and, through skin contact, communicates its energizing power to the entire body.


Water and air mix and enrich each other, massaging the body and inducing creativity and dynamism.


By reducing water into tiny particles, the atomized spray gives a refreshing and relaxing feeling of well-being.

Tropical Aerated

The mixture of tropical and aerated creates the effect of a thick rain shower that, as it falls, relieves and reduces muscle tension.

LED + Nebulized

A mix of different therapies and effects, LED light optimizes and enhances the regenerative effects of nebulization.

LED + Atomized

The merging of water particles and LED warmth enhances and enriches the delicate touch of the atomized jet.


180-degree axial misting jet to have a targeted effect on specific body parts.


Energizing jet enhanced by a turbine to have a powerful and intense jet.

experience showers with chromotherapy

The sun refracted in water creates a rainbow: each colour of the spectrum represents a particular mood, powerful in its energetic and emotional value. The body reacts in different ways to visual stimulations: lights and colours convey electromagnetic waves that can improve our psychophysical wellness. For this reason, they become a powerful addition to our experience showers and related treatments, optimizing the results and guaranteeing a more complete spiritual renewal.


With the eyes closed, every perfume is a world that opens up to our senses. Each fragrance, during the emotional shower, recalls a particular scenery, acting on our nervous system and on our physical and energetic balance. The three fragrances Energy, Flowers and Relax allow you to experience three different sensorial worlds, all equally able to ensure a long-lasting feeling of relaxation and serenity.

emotional showers with aromatherapy
sounds of water jets of aquaform showerheads

Each jet of water produces a different sound, matching different emotions and atmospheres. The ticking sound of rain, the mighty sound of a waterfall, the light whispers of a steam cloud: the sound embraces our body and removes daily stress. Combined with chromotherapy and aromatherapy, it offers a unique and universal experience, which won’t fail to amaze and regenerate.