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SERIES CONTROLS “A world full of functions in a single gesture”

Touch controls, manuals and push-button panels for showers

Aquaform controls, varying in kind and functions, guarantee high performances and wide variety. Touch controls include the entire range of shower functions, for a highly personalized experience. The keypad employs all the preset programs, in a perfect balance between practicality and affordability. Manual controls act on temperature and jet selection, for a more classic experience.

“In pure chromed stainless steel, Aquaform controls are designed to perfectly match the style of our showerheads and their wide range of functions, from jet selection to chromotherapy.”

4 programs

Up to four massage programs, combining different jets, nebulization and LED rgb lights.

16 colors / chromotherapy

16 color chromotherapy or single color controls, adaptable to every mood.


Slots for aromas diffusion, with interchangeable integrated diffuser.


Equipped with bluetooth connection and radio, to relax to the sound of your favourite music.