Showerhead with different water jets
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SERIES ESSENTIA “All the essential in a single product.”

Showerheads with different water jets

The Essentia series wants to go back to the origins of our inspiration, water. The jet is freed from any complementary device, going back to the simple beneficial purity of the liquid touch on our skin. In the form of rain, waterfall or steam cloud, the jet is diversified and calibrated according to the specific needs of body and mind.

Showerhead with different water jets

“The immediacy of the water jet in all its possible forms, pure and purifying, in order to keep a simple and direct relationship with nature.”

rain jet shower head
7 jets available

Seven different nozzles, making water jets able to guarantee a wide range of sensations and emotions.

Silicone nozzles

The modules are made of descaling liquid silicone, certified for food use.

Large wetting surface

One of the widest wetting surfaces on the market, in proportion to the extension of the showerhead.

Available for wall-mounted use

It is also possible to install the Essentia series on the wall, by means of a shower arm.