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SERIES HORIZONTAL SHOWER “A complete massage within the walls of your home.”

Horizontal massage showers

Horizontal Shower is a new generation collection that allows experiencing for the first time the combined effects of a complete message and a balancing, relaxing or stimulating emotional journey. Perfectly adaptable to any environment, Horizontal Shower is available in its wall-mounted (ZENIT) or ceiling-mounted (AQUAMOTUS,NADIR) version.

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“Evolution of the VICHY shower, the aquaform AQUAMOTUS, Zenit and Nadir horizontal showers are also equipped with a manual touch screen control for automatic or manual management of the different massages and sensorial programs.”

doccia orizzontale massaggiante
Massage area

The horizontal shower exploits the effect of rain water to stimulate the different parts of the body, the water descending on the skin with variable intensity allows you to carry out different treatments, such as a deep body scrub or a nebulizer. Jets and lights are adjusted to different temperatures and colors to obtain targeted firming, toning and circulatory stimulation effects.


Thanks to the availability of 16 different programs, born from the combination of four types of massage - Sport, Relax, Energy, Balance - and four intervention times - 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes - the treatment will be easily adapted to the psychophysical needs of the customer and those of management optimization of the company.

With or without operator

Thanks to the two modes for automatic and manual management, the horizontal showers can be used with or without an operator according to the needs of the SPA or the client, bringing even the most reluctant people closer to the massage.

Secutity/Less contacts

Wellness also and first of all means safety, a key word nowadays. aquaform offers equipment and treatments designed in-depth to ensure complete safety for the customer, ensuring a wellness experience under the sign of the most complete protection. In the self-service version, the horizontal showers offer the highest standards of safety and privacy, while maintaining the sensory experience of a professional massage.


The horizontal showers are designed to adapt to any context and use, addressing above all a professional environment to the large hotel facilities, from the Spa to the Luxury structures, from the wellness area of a gym to the exclusive premises of a yacht or a resort away from home.

doccia orizzontale massaggiante