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SERIES LIBERA “Leave your imagination free.”

Modular shower system: a personalized emotional path

Libera is a system of modular showers, which allows customers to unleash their imagination, personally composing their own shower according to specific needs and desires. The system is formed by a series of modules, diversified in water jets and lights, and available in different finishes.

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SPA system with different jets and lights

“With Libera, imagination has no limits and the SPA system is adapted to your every need, guided by your creative inspiration and personal wellness.”

emotional shower with different jets

Total freedom of composition to obtain all the desired emotional paths.


A wide range of finishes available, applied both to the modules and to the built-in case.

Built-in case

Aquaform supplies built-in cases of different sizes to contain one to seven modules, for an incomparable scenic effect.

Total customization

The organization of Libera in modules guarantees the total customization of the shower and simplifies the work of designers and operators.


The modules of the Libera can be pre-installed on a frame of various finishes and sizes, so as to facilitate installation and laying.

Size Finishes
showerhead finish Marble Marble
showerhead finish Metal Metal
showerhead finish Colour Colour
showerhead finish Wood Wood
shower system in various finishes and sizes
Basic SPA shower system Composition 01 Basic SPA
Emotional tunnel shower system Composition 02 Emotional tunnel
Private SPA with case shower system Composition 03 Private SPA with case
Custom Tunnel SPA shower system Composition 04 Custom Tunnel SPA
S Tunnel Custom Private shower system Composition 05 S Tunnel Custom Private
Plurisensorial Tunnel shower system Composition 06 Plurisensorial Tunnel