Shower system with light incorporated in the showerhead
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SERIES LUMINA “Regenerating mix of water and life.”

Shower system with light incorporated in the showerhead

The Lumina series proposes to brighten up the bathroom environment, spreading its pure white light even in those corners where it usually doesn’t reach. The LED lights mounted inside the compartment are perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment and provide a soft illumination, thus transforming the atmosphere.

built-in showerhead with white light incorporated

“Bring a light even where it seemed impossible, through a light incorporated in the showerhead that will make your shower even brighter.”

built-in showerhead with white led
Minimum flow rate

The showerheads are designed to work perfectly even with low-pressure systems.

Warm and cold light

The White LED technology allows to choose between a warm (3000 K) or cold (6000 K) light.

Spotlight + H2O

aquaform innovates the SPA path through the fusion of light and water in a single body with reduced dimensions.


Our products are all certified IP 67, guaranteeing a complete and safe protection to all electrical components.